Annals of San Francisco

TitleTitleSir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake
The annals of San Francisco; containing a summary of the history of the first discovery, settlement, progress, and present condition of California, and a complete history of all the important events connected with its great city: to which are added, biographical memoirs of some prominent citizens
Frank Soule, John H. Gibson, M.D., James Nisbet
Various including J.W. Orr; E. Hooper; T. Rabuske
D. Appleton & Co.
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New York, NY
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Author and Commentators

Frank Soule (1810-1882). Originally from Freeport, ME, Soule came to California in May 1849. He was temporarily the editor of the Daily Alta California in 1851 and later became editor of the California Chronicle (1853-1856). He was a friend of Mark Twain. Soule later worked for other newspapers in San Francisco.

John H. Gihon, M.D. (1811-1875). Originally from Philadelphia. In 1850, Gihon started the publication of the San Francisco Evening Picayune. Gihon was the private secretary to Colonel John W. Geary, then Mayor of San Francisco.

James Nisbet (1816-1865). Born in Glasgow, James Nisbet arrived in San Francisco in 1852. He became the editor of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin. Nisbet was lost at sea on the steamship Brother Jonathan on 30 July 1865, which sank near Crescent City, CA.

The Book

The books starts with how California received its name and covers the Spanish exploration of the area. It then tells about the missions and the Mexican Independence. Finally covering Commodore Stockton and Colonel John C. Fremont and the Bear Flag Republic. Other subjects covered in the book are the fires in the City, the gangs, gold discovery and many of the prominent people. This book has 150 illustrations.


  • Part I. Chapters I-XII. Naming of Calif.; Spanish Expeditions; Missions. Pages 1-161.
  • Part II. Chapters I-XXXII. Gold Discovery, American help, Bear Flag Republic. Pages 162-553.
  • Part III. Various Subjects – The Hounds, Vigilance Committee, Great Fire, etc. Pages 554-804.
  • Appendix. Pages 805-824.


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