Exposition Addressed to the Chamber of Deputies

John Henry Nash Book
Exposition Addressed to the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union by Senior Don Carlos Antonio Carrillo, Deputy for Alta California Concerning the Regulation and Administration of the Pius Fund.
Carlos Antonio Carrillo
Herbert Ingram Priestly
John Henry Nash
Place of Printing:
San Francisco, CA
Date of Printing:
Quarto. 11 x 8 inches
McCune Location:
Sh. 12 Nash #4

Author and Commentators

Carlos Antonio Carrillo (1783-1852). Governor of Alta California from 1837-1838.

Herbert Ingram Priestly (1875-1944). Born in Michigan, he moved to California. Received his Bachelor of Philosophy and Master of Arts from the University of Southern California. Priestly obtained his Ph. D. from University of California, Berkeley and became a Professor there in 1923

The Book

650 copies. Translated and edited by Herbert Ingram Priestly. Art work by William F. Rauschnabel. Ornamental chapter headings. Approximately 35 pages. Reprint of 1831 pamphlet on California.

The Pius Fund was money donated to support the Jesuit missions of California. It was established in 1697 and administered by the Jesuits. In 1768, the Jesuits were expelled from Spanish territories and the fund was then administered by the Spanish Crown. In 1821 the fund was administered by the Government of Mexico. In the 1830s, the government considered confiscation of Church property and the Pius Fund. Carrillo opposed this move and laid out his reasons in a pamphlet that was published in 1831.


  • Carrillo on the Pius Fund
  • An Address to the Mexican Congress
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