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From the Tatler Thursday, February 9, 1709. An Essay by Joseph Addison The Trial of the Wine-Brewers. With an Introduction and an Inquiry into Mr. Addison’s Drinking by Edward F. O’Day.
Joseph Addison. Edward F. O’Day
John Henry Nash
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San Francisco, CA
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Author and Commentators

Joseph Addison (1672-1719). English poet and playwright. He was also a member of parliament and a secretary of the government. Addison is also known for founding the Tatler magazine as well helping to found the Kit Kat Club.

Edward Francis O’Day (1883-1959). Journalist from San Francisco. Editor of the magazine The Lantern, and legal newspaper, The Recorder.


William Wilke (1879-1958). Born in San Francisco, he was an artist, illustrator and etcher.

The Book

#234 of 385. Decorations by William Wilke. An article on the prohibition of French wine to England during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and the results. This book was published during Prohibition in the United States.


  • Introduction
  • The Trial of the Wine-Brewers.

    Discusses a trial of London bootleggers who were making adulterated alcohol and passing it off as French wines that were being embargoed during the War of Spanish Succession. The bootleggers (chemists) showed how they could change the color to match any shade of French wine, such as Bordeaux, Claret, Moselle, etc. The “wine” caused problems to those who drank it due to its adulterated nature.

  • -An Inquiry into Mr. Addison’s Drinking by Edward F. O’Day.
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