Caii Velleii Paterculi Historiae Libri Duo

18th Century Book
Caii Velleii Paterculi Historiae Romanae Libri Duo. Accurante Steph. And. Philippe.
Marcus Velleius Paterculus
Steph. And. Philippe
Typis Josephi Barbou
Place of Printing:
Lutetiae Parisiorum (Paris)
Date of Printing:
McCune Location:
Sh. 10 #51

Authors and Commentators

Marcus Velleius Paterculus (ca 19 BC – ca 31 AD) Roman historian from Campania who served as a military tribune before entering the Roman government as quaestor and later praetor. It is believed that he may have died as a result of his friendship with Sejanus

Henry Dodwell (1641-1711). Born in Ireland, he went to Trinity College where he received his B.A and M.A. He taught at Oxford but lost his position for refusing to take an oath of allegiance to William and Mary. As well as being a theologian, he wrote Annales Velleiani, Quintilianei, Statiani (1698), excerpts which were included in this volume.

Gerardus Joannes Vossius (1577-1649). Dutch classical scholar. His parents were Dutch Protestants who moved to Germany for religious freedom but they ended moving to Leiden to avoid religious persecution by German Lutherans. Vossius became Director of Theology at Leiden University. However, he had to resign after being accused of heresy but a few years later was able to return to the University. He wrote about historical theology. Vossius became Professor of History at Amsterdam. He also wrote about Greek and Latin writers and did a treatise on mythology entitled “De Theologia Gentili.

Stephano Andraa Philippe (Etienne Andre Philippe de Pretot) (1708-1787). Royal censor, professor of history at the Royal Academy of Science in Paris, editor of classical works.

The Book

Caii Velleii Paterculi Historiae Romanae Libri Duo. (History of Roman).. It consists of two books on the history of Rome. Book one starts with Troy and contains the founding of Rome, the destruction of Carthage (129 BC) and includes information on Romulus, Cato, and Hannibal. Book two contains information on the Civil Wars of Rome including references to Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Augustus, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, and Tiberius.

This volume also includes the life of Marcus Velleius Paterculus by Gerardus Vossius and excerpts from Henry Dodwell’s Annales Velleiani. At the end of the book is a bibliography of the editions of Velleius Paterculis from 1520-1746.

238 pages. Plus 24 pages preceding

A Latin and English translation of this work (Caii Velleii Paterculi Historiae Romanae) can be found at:

Artists and Engravers

Guido De Seve De Rochevart. (17th – 18th Century). French artist.

Etienne Fessard (1714-1777). French engraver.


De Seve / Fessard
Caii Velleii Paterculi Historiae Romanae Libri Duo
“Non Solus” Old Man Under Vine-entwined Tree
Vita Caii Velleii Paterculi
De Velleii Paterculi Vita et Scriptis ex Gerardi Joannis Vossii
Variorum de Caio Velleio Paterculo
Excerpta Ex annalibus Velleianis Henrici Dodwelli, per Christophorum Cellarium
Book 1
Book 2
Index of Geography
Catalogue Caii Velleii Paterculi (Bibliography of Velleius Paterculis from 1520-1746)


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