Catullus, Tibullus Et Propertius

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16th Century Book
Catullus, Tibullus Et Propertius. Pristino Nitori Restituit, & Ad Optima Exemplaria Emendati. Cum Fragmentis C. Gallo Inscriptis. Exemplaria Emendati. Cum Fragmentis C. Gallo Inscriptis.
Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Gallus
Typis J. Barbou
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Parisiis. Via San-Jacobea (Paris
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Sh. 11 #8

The Authors and Commentators

Gaius Valerius Catullus (84 BC –ca. 54 BC). Latin poet famous for Roman elegy poetry. He was born in Verona. He wrote of devotion for his love, Lesbia (pseudonym for Clodia). One famous line from his work is “Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love.” About 113 of his poems survive.

Propertii Frontis & TitlePropertii Frontis & Title

Albius Tibullus (54 BC – 19 BC). Latin poet who wrote love poetry. He was one of the elegy poets. He wrote of his love Delia (pseudonym for Plania) and for Nemesis. He wrote two known books of poetry, although two additional books have been attributed to him but there is some doubt about their authenticity since they appear inferior and a different style.

Sextus Aurelius Propertius (ca. 50 BC – 15 BC). Latin poet from Umbria. He is one of the major elegist poets. Only four books of his work, Elegies, survive from the Roman period. Propertius wrote of his beloved Cynthia and proclaimed his slavery to love.

Gaius Cornelius Gallus (ca 70-26 BC.). Latin orator and poet, born near Forli in Italy. He was also a Roman politician. Gallus supported Octavian and was appointed prefect of Egypt. He later put down a revolt in Thebes. Gallus was one of the elegiac poets of Rome. Virgil dedicated his tenth Eclogue to Gallus for Gallus’ aid in restoring Virgil’s forfeited estate. Gallus wrote his poems about his mistress Lycoris (the real life actress Cytheris). Most of these poems did not survive, but it is known he had a contemporary reputation. Ovid considered him as one of the important Roman elegiac poets, along with Tibullus and Catullus (Ovid, Amores, Book III, Elegy IX). Aldus Manutius II (grandson of the famous printer Aldus Manutius) in 1590 printed fragments of four poems attributed to Gallus but it is now believed these are actually forgeries.

Giovanni Francisco Corradino Dall’ Aglio (1708-1743). Italian abbot who translated Catullus in 1738 and Cicero in 1742. He wrote a number of books including a Latin lexicon.

Michael Maittaire (1667-1747). Classical scholar and editor/biographer of Latin writers.. Maittaire was born in France but he and his parents (French Huguenots) moved to England when the Edict of Nantes was revoked (i.e., removing protection for the Huguenot religion) in France in 1685. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in England. As well as works concerning Latin writers, he wrote about English grammar, a history of typography, and a work on Greek dialects and edited many classical works.

Gerardus Joannes Vossius (1577-1649). Dutch classical scholar. His parents were Dutch Protestants who moved to Germany for religious freedom but they ended moving to Leiden to avoid religious persecution by German Lutherans. Vossius became Director of Theology at Leiden University. However, he had to resign after being accused of heresy but a few years later was able to return to the University. He wrote about historical theology. Vossius became Professor of History at Amsterdam. He also wrote about Greek and Latin writers.

Petri Criniti (Pietro Del Riccio Baldi) (1475-1507) was a Florentine humanist scholar. He wrote a locus communis (commonplace book) “De Honesta Disciplina” which was filled with sayings and maxims. Criniti also wrote Latin poetry which was modeled after Greek poems. One of his books was “De Poetis Latinis” which was a history of Roman literature and contained biographies of important Latin poets.

Aldus Manutio Juniore (1547-1597) was a professor of humanities at Bologna, as well as a linguist. He was the grandson of Aldus Manutius and published many classical works.

Lilio Gyraldi (Giglio Gregorio Giraldi) (1479-1552). Italian humanist from Ferrara. Among his many works, he wrote a work on mythology (De deis gentium varia et multiplex historia) as well as essays on ancient Latin poets.

The Book

Catullus, Tibullus, Et Propertius. With Fragments from C. Gallo. This volume starts with a life of Catullus by Joanne Francisco Corradino Dall’ Aglio and Catullus’ poetry. Then the life of Tibullus by Petri Criniti and Tibullus’ four books of poetry. The life of Propertius by Petri Criniti and a short section by Michael Maittaire before the four books of poetry by Propertius. A short fragment of the poetry of Gallo is presented from the publication of Aldus Manutius II as well as a short history of the Latin poets by Gerardus Vossius and a history of poetry by Lilio Gyraldi.


Catullus, Tibullus, Et Propertius ... 1754
----          C. Valerius Catullus (Half Title)
----          2 blank pages
Title.   Catullus, Tibullus, Et Propertius.  Pristino Nitori Restituti & Ad Optima Exemplaria Emendati, Cum Fragmentis C. Gallo Inscriptis.
Printmark “Non Solus”  Old Man Standing Under Vine-entwined Tree.
----          Blank page
iii-vi        Typographus Lectoris
vii-ix       Caii Valerii Catuli Vita.  Joanne Francisco Corradino. Deallio Auctore
x-xvi       Specimen
1-88        C. Valerii Catulli Veronensis Liber
89-90      Per Vigilium Veneris, Quod Male Quidam Tribluunt  Catullo
91-96      Per Vigilium Veneris
----          Albius Tibullus (Half Title)
----          2 blank pages
Full page engraving.
Title.   Tibulli Equitis Romani Elegiarum Aliorumque Carminum Libri IV.  Ad Optimos
Codices Emendati.
 Printmark.  “Non Solus.”  Old Man Standing Under Vine-entwined Tree.
----          Blank page
99-101    Vita Tibulli Ex Libro III De Poetis Latinis Petri Criniti
101-102  Alia Tibilli Vita Per Mich. Maittaire
103-127  Albii Tibulli Liber I
127-40    Albii Tibulli Liber II
141-149  Albii Tibulli Liber III
149-168  Albii Tibulli Liber IV
----          Sex. Aurelius Propertius (Half Title)
----          2 Blank Pages
Full page engraving.
Title.  Propertii Elegiarum Libri IV.  Ad Optimos Codices Nunc Denuo Emendati
Printmark.  “Non Solus.”  Old Man Standing Under Vine-entwined Tree.
----           Blank page
171-173  Vita Propertii Ex Libro III De Poetis Latinis Petri Criniti
174          Alia Propertii Vita.  Per Mich. Maittaire
175-199  Sex.  Aurelii Propertii Liber I
199-242  Sex.  Aurelii Propertii Liber II.
242-274  Sex.  Aurelii Propertii Liber III
275-325  Sex.  Aurelii Propertii Liber IV
----          Cn.  Cornelii Galli Fragmenta Et Maximiani Elegiarum Libellus, Perperam
                Gallo Attributus
306          Gerardus Joannes Vossius De Poetis Latinis Eusebius in Chronic.
307          Cn.  Cornelli Galli Vita
308          Asinii Cornelli Galli Elegia. Ejusdem Epigrammata Tria, Edente Aldo Manutio
309-312  Galli Elegia
312-313  Epigramma, Sine Titulo
313          In Imaginem Puellae
314          Ex Dialogo IV.  Historiae Poetarum Lilii Gyraldi
315-336  Cn. Cornelii Galli Vel Potius Maximiani Elegiarum Libellus
337-344  Verba Obsoleta Quae Leguntur in Catullo


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