Log of an Ancient Mariner

The Log of an Ancient Mariner. Being the Life and Adventures of Captain Edgar Wakeman
Edgar Wakeman
A. L. Bancroft & Co.
Place of Printing:
San Francisco, CA
Date of Printing:
McCune Location:
Sh. 8 #41

Author and Commentators

Edgar Wakeman (1818-1875). Born in Connecticut, Wakeman became a sailor in 1834 and came to California in 1850.

The Book

382 pages. Terracotta cloth cover with gilt blindstamped drawing of Neptune and anchor. Gilt title on spine. Lithograph of Wakeman as frontispiece. Captain Wakeman describes his adventures in the Mediterranean, Cuba, the Baltic, Guersey, San Francisco, and Hawaii. He was a member of the Vigilantes of 1851 in San Francisco.


  • Title - The Log of an Ancient Mariner. Being the Life and Adventures of Captain Edgar Wakeman
  • Copyright and Errata.
  • List of Contents
  • Chapter 1. Antecedents-Towhead’s Adventure-The First Departure from Home-And Oh! To Be a Sailor-boy. Pages 17-32.
  • Chapter 2. Around the World-A Jolly Captain-Foreign Ports-Home Again. Pages 33-55.
  • Chapter 3. Up the Mediterranean-Up the Baltic-Wrecked on the Isle of Guernsey. Pages 56-71.
  • Chapter 4. The Brig “Forrester”-From Havana to Bremen-Escape From Harwich-Starvation on the High Seas. Pages 72-91.
  • Chapter 5. Early Days in Vicksburg-Smuggling on the Tabasco-Adrift in the Gulf-Down with the Yellow Fever. Pages 92-113.
  • Chapter 6. Escape with the “New World”-An Eventful Voyage Around the Horn-Arrival in San Francisco July 11, 1850. Pages 114-138.
  • Chapter 7. Land Voyage Extraordinary-Encounter with Grizlies-All Night in a Tree- Crawling Up Hill, and Sliding Down-Return to Civilization. Pages 139-167.
  • Chapter 8. The Banquet of March 8, 1853-A Sailor’s Courtship-A Fall of 8000 Feet. Pages 168-187.
  • Chapter 9. Australia-A Square Trotter-In Trouble-A Dutch Skipper. Pages187-211.
  • Chapter 10. Launched into Matrimony-Take Charge of the Adelaide-Am Taken in Charge, with the “J.L. Stephens” By Capt. Dana-The Authorities of Acapulco Attempt to Take Charge of the “America.” Pages 212-247.
  • Chapter 11. Paradise Valley-Yarns Around the Camp Fire-Stage Drivers of Nevada. Pages 248-263.
  • Chapter 12. Wrecked in the Gulf Stream-Epitaph of the “D.C. Haskins”-Afloat in an Open Boat-Bermuda. Pages 264-283.
  • Chapter 13. To New York-Commodore Vanderbilt-Acorss the Continent-The “Moses Taylor” a Tale of Horrors. Pages 284-303.
  • Chapter 14. Honolulu-The Survivors of Lucknow-The Feast of Ueuwaw-Lines to a Friend. Pages 304-325.
  • Chapter 15. Sugar Estates-Annu-Symmetrical Sisters-Pushipucia and Cipalanakahela. Pages 326-341.
  • Chapter 16. A Paradise in the Pacific-Descriptions of Samoan or Navigator Islands-Fine Specimens of Natives. Pages 342-360.
  • Chapter 17. On the Mohongo-Magdalena Bay-Up the Colorado-Pearl-Fishing in the Gulf-To New York. Pages 361-373.
  • Conclusion. Pages 374-375.


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