Luther Burbank. His Methods and Discoveries. Vol. I.

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Luther Burbank. His Methods and Discoveries and Their Practical Application. Vol. I.
Luther Burbank
John Whitson, Robert John, Henry Smith Williams
Luther Burbank Press
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New York and London
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Author and Commentators

Luther Burbank (1849-1926). Botanist and horticulturist. Born in Massachusetts, Burbank moved to Santa Rosa, CA where he created hundreds of varieties of plants.

Henry Smith Williams (1863-1943). Physician, lawyer, author.

The Book

This set of books were prepared from Burbank’s original field notes covering more than 100,000 experiments made during forty years devoted to plant improvement, with the assistance of the Luther Burbank Society and its entire membership.


  1. I. How the Cactus Got Its Spines – and How It Lost Them.
  2. II. Twenty-three Potato Seeds – and What They Taught.
  3. III. No Two Living Things Exactly Alike.
  4. IV. The Rivalry of Plants to Please Us.
  5. V. Let Us Now Produce a Pink Daisy.
  6. VI. Short-cuts into the Centuries to Come.
  7. VII. How Far Can Plant Improvement Go?
  8. VIII. Some Plants Which are Begging for Immediate Improvement.
  9. IX. Piercing the Fragments of a Motion Picture Film.
  10. List of Direct Color Photograph Prints.


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