The Story of the Exposition. Vol. 5

The Story of the Exposition. Vol. 5
Frank Morton Todd
G.F. Putnam’s Sons, The Knickerbocker Press
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New York
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Author and Commentators

Frank Morton Todd (1871-1940). Born in San Francisco, Frank Morton Todd attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a degree in political science in 1894, as well as being the editor of the Blue & Gold. In the same year, he married Margaret Augusta Woodall. Todd then received a law degree from Harvard. He worked as editor for the Chicago Daily Journal (1897-1900), the SF Merchants Association Review (1901-1911), the SF Chamber of Commerce Journal (1911-1913), Berkeley Argonaut (1922-1924) and the SF Bulletin 1926. He also was historian for the Pan Pacific International Exposition in 1917-18.

The Book

This is volume five of five concerning the history of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition held in San Francisco. The Exposition was a World’s Fair held to honor of the completion of the Panama Canal and the discovery by Balboa of the Pacific Ocean.


  • Congresses, Conferences, Conventions
  • The Market Place of Ideas
  • Social Progress
  • The Women’s Congress of Missions
  • Advances in Medicine
  • Plague, Leprosy, Typhoid
  • Health Defense for the Americas
  • Safe Milk
  • Nursing
  • Health in the Schools
  • Extending Medical Knowledge
  • The World’s Intelligence Corps
  • Historians of the Pacific Area
  • The Advancement of Science
  • What Shall the World Be Taught?
  • Work of the World in 1915
  • Demonstrating a Social Providence
  • The Congregation of Congresses
  • Moral Protection
  • Helpfulness
  • Government of the Exposition
  • Administration in 1915
  • A Few Criticisms
  • Admissions and Concessions – Revenue
  • The Free Admissions Bureau
  • To Operate the Plant
  • A Few Items of Exposition Housekeeping
  • The Power O’ Gasoline
  • An Exhibition Hospital
  • The Model Post Office
  • Insuring an Exposition
  • Operating-Period Accounts
  • For the First Time
  • The Last Day and Night
  • The Passing of the Exposition
  • Exodus
  • Wreckage and Salvage
  • Dissolution and Preservation
  • Losses
  • The Corporation Dissolved
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix
  • Part I. Rules of the Division of Works
  • Part II. Classification of the Exhibits
  • Part III. Rules for Installation
  • Part IV. Directions for Participants
  • Part V. Rules of the Award System
  • Part VI. Rules for Wrecking and Removal
  • Index


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