Allen Press

Kentfield, CA, then Greenbae, CA. Started by Lewis and Dorothy Allen. They had begun printing limited edition books in 1946, but the Allen Press was in Kentfield from 1953-77 and Greenbrae from 1978-1991. They used an Albion handpress, an 1830 Acorn-Smith handpress, and finally a Columbian Press. In 1996 they received the Oscar Lewis award from the Book Club of Califonria for a lifetime of fine printing.

The Brothers
A Roman Comedy of 160 B.C. by Terence. Drawings by Albrecht Durer. Alan Press. Kentfield, CA. 1958. 140 copies. In cardboard case with ephemera
The Duchow Journal. A Voyage From Boston to California 1852.
Foreword by George P. Hammond. Printed and published by Mallette Dean. 1959. The Allen Press. Signed by Mallette Dean. Limited to 200 copies. Book in cardboard cover. Ephemera in front cover
The Dialogue of the Dog.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Designed, printed, and bound by Lewis and Dorothy Allen at the Allen Press. Kentfield, CA. 1969. Limited to 140 copies. Ephemera in the front cover.
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