The City of Domes

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The City of Domes, A Walk with an Architect About the Courts and Palaces of the Panama Pacific International Exposition with a Discussion of Its Architecture - Its Sculpture - Its Mural Decorations Its Coloring - And Its Lighting -Preceded by a History of Its Growth
John D. Barry
John J. Newbegin
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San Francisco
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Kenneth Innes III

Author and Commentators

John D. Barry (1866-1942). American architect and author.

The Book

The book is 142 pages plus five pages of advertisements. Illustrated with many photographs from the Panama Pacific International Exposition.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • I. The View from the Hill
  • II. The Approach
  • III. In the South Gardens
  • IV. Under the Tower of Jewels
  • V. The Court of the Universe
  • VI. On the Marina
  • VII. Toward the Court of the Four Seasons
  • VIII. The Court of the Four Seasons
  • IX. The Palace of Fine Arts from across the Lagoon
  • X. The Palace of Fine Arts at Close Range
  • XI. At the Palace of Horticulture
  • XII. The Half Courts
  • XIII. Near Festival Hall
  • XIV. The Palace of Machinery
  • XV. The Court of the Ages
  • XVI. The Brangwyns
  • XVII. Watching the Lights Change
  • XVIII. The Illuminating and the Reflections
  • Features that Ought to he Noted by Day
  • Features that Ought to be Noted by Night
  • Index


  • "The Pioneer Mother"
  • Design of the Exposition made in 1912
  • Site of the Exposition before Construction was Begun
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Fountain of El Dorado
  • Court of the Universe
  • "Air" and "Fire"
  • "Nations of the West" and "Nations of the Fast
  • "The Setting Sun" and "The Rising Sun"
  • "Music" and "Dancing Girls
  • "Hope and Her Attendants"
  • Star Figure; Medallion Representing "Art"
  • California Building
  • Spanish Plateresque Doorway, in Northern Wall
  • Eastern Entrance to Court of Four Seasons
  • Night View of Court of Four Seasons
  • Portal in Court of Four Seasons
  • The Marina at Night
  • Rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts
  • Altar of Palace of Fine Arts
  • "The Power of the Arts"
  • Italian Fountain, Dome of Philosophy
  • "The Thinker"
  • "Aspiration"
  • "Michael Angelo"
  • Italian Renaissance Towers
  • "The End of the Trail"
  • Colonnade in Court of Palms
  • "Victorious Spirit"
  • Entrance to Palace of Horticulture
  • Night View of the Palace of Horticulture
  • Festival Hall at Night
  • "The Pioneer"
  • Fountain of Beauty and the Beast
  • Entrance to Palace of Varied Industries
  • Group above Doorway of Palace of Varied Industries
  • Avenue of Palms at Night
  • Avenue of Progress at Night
  • Arcaded Vestibule in Entrance to Palace of Machinery
  • "Genii of Machinery"
  • "The Genius of Creation"
  • Tower in Court of the Ages
  • Fountain of the Earth
  • "The Stone Age"
  • "Fruit Pickers"
  • Entrance to Court of the Ages, at Night
  • "The Triumph of Rome"
  • "The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules"

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