The McCune Collection Presents the Spring 2015 Lecture Series

Sunday March 15, 2pm
Guy Brookshire
History as Absurd Horror: Why I Destroy Books

1.guy brookshire1a.brookshire_artwork

Guy Benjamin Brookshire, author of The Universe War, a collage comic book, and New Oldestland, a chapbook of collages and writings, has been “destroying” (or deconstructing) books to create collages that illustrate his writing for nearly 20 years. Over the course of that time his process and materials have evolved into a reexamination of the technology of books and the world they record. Come hear him apologize for destroying books and explain why he does it while sharing his works and answering questions.

Find more at: Guy Benjamin Brookshire

Sunday April 19, 2pm
Lewis Halloran
History of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard


Due to some unexpected medical treatment, Dr Henry Snyder is unable to give his presentation on Sunday April 19th. However, thanks to the efforts of Tom Snyder, we have been able to arrange for Lewis Halloran from the Mare Island Museum to give a presentation on the "History of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard".

Bravo to all the committee members, adjuncts and others who helped to make the McCune's Art Walk debut such a success - estimates ran from 45-65 attendees with a significant number of first-time visitors.

Sunday May 17, 2pm
Linda Ardakani
Exploring the World of Printmaking

3.LindaArkadani3a.letterpress printing

Printmaker Linda Ardakani, former Assistant Director of the Fine Arts Institute at Washington University in St. Louis and founding member of the St Louis publishers Association, this erstwhile resident of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico shares the fun of exploring multiple printing processes, including hectograph, silkscreen; photocopier images, letterpress, linocuts and even rubber stamps! Linda’s inspiration comes from having lived in a van and camped in state parks for a year with her family; she wrote and illustrated a travel diary documenting her experience.

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