The McCune Collection Presents the Fall 2017 Lecture Series

Sunday September 10th, 2pm
Pleasures of the Preserve

Spend an afternoon with Shoreline Heritage Preserve director Myrna Hayes as she talks about the history of the Preserve, presenting a wealth of information highlighting the many opportunities to explore and enjoy this unique Bay Area wildlife and nature habitat. "...A ready-made combination of cultural history, wild lands, and incredible scenic vistas; a magnet for users from local and regional communities and beyond...for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, photographers and artists, the Historic Shoreline Preserve is a unique parkland."

Sunday October 22, 2pm
Tearing up my History Books!

Guy Benjamin Brookshire, author of The Universe War, a collage comic book, and New Oldestland, a chapbook of collages and writings, has been deconstructing books to create collages that illustrate his writing for nearly 20 years. Over the course of that time his process and materials have evolved into a reexamination of the technology of books and the world they record. Come hear him talk about repurposing books and explain techniques while sharing his works and answering questions. Find more at: Guy Benjamin Brookshire

Sunday November 19, 2pm
Buildings of Mare Island no longer there~

Architectural photographer William Porter discusses the important role of archival photography in recording and preserving historical building sites, as well as the visual preservation of numerous California historical buildings. Most recently he has documented the removal of historic structures on Mare Island, specifically including the dismantling of a number of old buildings, as well as one of the most recognizable relics of a bygone era, the Mare Island smokestack.

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