The McCune Collection Presents the Spring 2017 Lecture Series

Sunday March 12th, 2pm
Experiencing Sculpture

Douglas Heine

Native Vallejoan Douglas Heine discusses his 40 plus years as a working artist in the Bay Area emphasizing sculptural techniques, methods and materials. “I have pursued the making of art all my life but took it up religiously 35 years ago and have, ever since, followed my curiosity about ideas, themes and the variety of methods and materials. I have never felt the need to restrict myself to one form or another. Each design challenge has its particular set of restrictions and opportunities, leading me toward a solution that is unique and specific to location, aesthetic, material and spirit.” More about Doug at:

Sunday April 9, 2pm
Money from the Titanic

Michael S. Turrini

Local historian, retired educator and active numismatist of more than 40 years, Michael Turrini returns to the McCune with another entertaining and informative talk, this time reflecting on the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. Describing himself as a “Titanic Victim”, Turrini relives his last moments on the sinking ship, describing his efforts to load the final lifeboats and graciously giving up his lifeboat seat to a young lady, while weaving into the story fascinating details about monetary items recovered from one of maritime’s greatest tragedies.

Sunday May 7, 2pm
Magical Moonshine Theatre presents
The History of the Three Bears

Magical Moonshine Theatre

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is one of our best loved fairytales, but where did it come from and how has it changed over the centuries? What if the Three Bears were really Teddy Bears? And what if Goldilocks was not a little girl at all, but a golden, mischievous little dog? That is exactly the case is this very funny retelling of the traditional fairytale. Magical Moonshine Theatre puppeteers Michael and Valerie Nelson present their version, Puppylocks and the Three Bears, in a delightful family program suitable for all ages, musing upon the interesting history and possibly surprising changes of this well known tale through oral tradition and various published editions. Visit Magical Moonshine Theatre. For more info!

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