“Art of Revolution” solo art exhibition by Mark J. Martin

McCune Collection Presents

Art of Revolution “Art of Revolution” art exhibition
solo exhibition by Mark J. Martin
  • Friday, Dec. 11th through Friday, Jan. 8th, 2016
  • Opening Reception, Friday, Dec. 11th, 5pm to 9pm
  • Regular hours: Dec. 15th and Jan. 5th both days 2pm to 4pm
  • Closing Reception, Friday, Jan. 8th, 5pm to 9pm

Mark J. Martin will be exhibiting his works from a series on the life of Emiliano Zapata and the Mexican Revolution. This examination is part of a broader focus on the history of social justice issues from about 1910 up to the present.

“From DIY punk, street art materials and a psychedelic Pop presentation, I make art that promotes social justice.” declares Mark. “I like to call this form of political art PoliPop and the group of adventurers who help me make the larger installations “The PoliPop Guild”.

Mark may quip that his work is created by a craft aesthetic and street art materials yet, his technique is laboriously time consuming. He layers his work between aerosol spray, acrylic paint, paper collage. The collage elements are mostly black and white ink drawing that he then runs through a digital imaging process and prints as inkjet or LaserJet in a variety of colors. This creates his initial palette. From there he adds a variety of fine art and found papers. These papers can include, rice par, origami paper, phone books, and his own designed paper both computer printed and screen printed.

The final work is colorful and stylish but with a political comment. Sometimes the comment is subtle, like simply honoring a person, and sometimes it is more direct like when he reproduces, large, one of his stickers.

This exhibition will feature a variety of screen prints, digital prints, and small works about Zapata and his soldiers including unknown women soldiers and works addressing current issues of social injustice.

More information about Household Saints and images are available upon request.
Phone: 510.207.8743.
E-mail: mark@markmartinart.com

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