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Henry Evans

The Henry Evans portfolios are exhibited on the McCune website with the permission of Marsha Evans. Additional Henry Evans prints can be seen and purchased from Marsha’s website:

Everett Shinn

Everett Shinn (1876-1953). American painter, born in New Jersey. He worked as an illustrator for the newspaper Philadelphia Press and later for the Ainslee's Magazine. In 1897, Shinn took a job as an illustrator in New York for the newspaper, The World.

Louis Florquin

Louis Florquin. Born circa 1880. French painter. There is a small book written concerning him “Louis Florquin and other French masters of popular painting : James Vigeveno Galleries.” Publisher/Date Westwood Hills [Calif.] : The Galleries, [1950]

Robert Burns Carr

Robert Burns Carr. Born in 1906 in Washington, D.C. He was an American painter and architect.

Frank Van Sloun

Frank Van Sloun (1879-1938). Born in St. Paul, MN, Frank Van Sloun was a painter in the social realism school of art.


San Francisco

Vallejo 1891

Mare Island Map 1954

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