Anvil Press

Lexington,KY. Started in 1952 by an association of individuals (including Joseph Graves,Carolyn Reading Hammer, and Harriet McDonald Holladay) motivated by the work of Victor Hammer. The press is associated with Translyvania College.

On ‘Tao Te Ching’.
Bertolt Brecht. The Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. Copy # 54 of 150-
The Booke of the Duchesse.
Geoffrey Chaucer. Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. Victor Hammer laid the book out. Jacob Hammer set the type and did the presswork. MCMLIV (1954). #165 of 225. Chaucer Society. First Series. XXIV.
Father Junipero’s Holy Family.
Willa Cather. The Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. MCMLVI (1956). 200 copies.
Ravens Creek.
Drawings by Harriet MacDonald Hollady. The Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. Printed by Nancy Chambers. #37 of 240.
Ioannis Pici Mirandula Ni Concordi Ae Comitis Or atio De Hominis Dignitate.
Oration on the Dignity of Man. By Giovani Pico, Count of Mirandola. Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. MCMLIII (1953). Victor Hammer laid out the book. In cardboard case
C. Sedvlii De Quatuor Evangelistis Ex Libro Primo Operis Paschalis Vulgati Circa Annum CCCXXXIV.
C. Sedulius. Wood cuts by Victor Hammer. Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. 1955. 250 copies
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Aptos & Woodside

A Common-Place Book with Something for Everybody.
Sherwood Grover & James D. Hammond. Aptos & Woodside. MCMLXIX (1969).
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Aries Press

Eden, NY. Started by Spencer Kellogg Jr. in Buffalo, when he obtained a William Morris hand press. Kellogg then moved to the village of Eden in the late 1920s. His first book The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton was selected by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as one of the fifty books of the year in 1925-26.

Ad Torquatum.
Q. Horati Flacci. Carm. IV. 7. Rendered into English by G. Clinton, Jr. Aries Press. Village of Eden, NY. MCMXXVI (1926). 100 copies
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Auerhahn Press

San Francisco, CA. Started in1958 by David Haselwood, he later brought Andrew Hoyem in as a partner. Most books were handset and dealt with modern poetry. It issued 28 titles. The press finally closed in 1965.

The Poet is Dead.
A Memorial for Robbinson Jeffers by Brother Antoninus. The Auerhahn Press. San Francisco. MCMLXIV (1963). 205 copies.
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Leonard Bahr

Grosse Point Park, then moved to Harper Woods, MI. Started in 1956 by Leonard F. Bahr, the Adagio Press concentrated on small books and booklets. In an announcement for the press, it stated that once purpose for the Adagio Press was the practice of typography as an end in itself. It was started because Bahr had a fascination with fine types and unusual papers, and it continued because of a desire to use them in the production of small books and pamphlets. The press ended with Bahr's death in 1993.

The Contemptible Horse.
John Ruskin. Adagio: The Private Press of Leonard F. Bahr. 1962
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Lyons, Limoges, Paris, France. Barbou was a family of printers that worked in France from the 16th to 19th century. It started with Jean Barbou in 1539 who printed in the city of Lyons. His son, Hugh Barbou, moved to Limoges and in 1580 printed Cicero's Letters to Atticus. In the 1700s, Jean Joseph Barbou and his brother Joseph established themselves as booksellers and printers in Paris. In the 1750-1760s, their nephew, Joseph Gerard Barbou, took over the press and began to publish a series of Latin classics that was well received for its quality.

Vie De Julius Agricola.
Traduction Nouvelle. Printer: Barbou. MDCCCV (1805).
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Wm P. Barlow

Oakland, CA. Expert in John Baskerville publications and the history of bibliography. He started the Nova Press in Piedmont, CA. He is president emeritus of the Book Club of California.

Advice to the Would-Be Private Pressman.
Wm. P. Barlow, Jr. Piedmont 1962. 4 ½ x 4.
The Felicities of Book Collecting.
By Wm. P. Barlow, Jr. The Nova Press. Piedmont. Christmas 1958
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Bird & Bull Press

Newtown, PA. Started by Henry Morris in 1958. Morris originally began by creating hand made paper as a hobby. This then lead to his interest in printing on such paper. His first edition was a booklet on cooking. This is now one of the oldest private presses in the country. All his books are made by letterpress from metal type and the books are hand bound.

Five on Paper – A Collection of Five Essays on Papermaking, Books and Relevant Matters.
Introduction by Henry Morris. Bird & Bull Press. 1963
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Black Rock Press

Reno, NV. Started by Kenneth Carpenter in 1965. It is named after a northern Nevada landmark. The press is dedicated to fine printing using traditional printing methods. It uses a 1837 Columbian iron handpress. Its first book was Springing of the Blade (poems by William Everson).

The Springing of the Blade.
William Everson. The Black Rock Press. Reno, NV. 1968. Limited to 180 copies.
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Blackwood Press

Placerville, CA. Started by Dr. Edmund E. Simpson in 1956. After retiring from his medical practice, Dr. Simpson bought a handpress and began his fine printing press.

A Leaf From the First English Translation of Ambrose Pare 1634.
Printed at the Blackwood Press. Sacramento. 1970. Inscribed by Edmund Simpson
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Bowling Green Press

New York, NY. Started by James R. Wells, who ran it until 1929, when it was managed by William Edwin Rudge.

The Making of an Immortal.
A Play in One Act. George Moore. New York: The Bowling Green Press. Faber & Gwyer, Ltd. MCMXXVII (1927). Printing house of William Edwin Rudge. Mount Vernon, NY. #89 of 1240 copies
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Bremer Presse

Bremen, Toelz, and Munich, Germany. Started in 1911 by Dr. Willy Wiegand and Ludwig Wolde. it was influenced by the Doves Press of England. The Bremer Press refused to use ornamentation in its publications except for title pages and initials. Wiegand was a master printer who designed its printing type. It is considered as one of Germany's premier presses and was destroyed in World War II.

Tacitus. Deutschland.
Translated by Rodolf Borchardt. Bremer Presse. Munich, 1922. 300 copies
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Brewhouse Press

Wymondham, Leicestershire, England. It was started by Trevor C.Hickman in 1963. It stayed in business until 1983.

The Pickworth Fragment.
Rigby Graham. Brewhouse Press. Wymondham. 1966. Number 47 of 75 copies. Signed by Rigby Graham and Trevor Hicham
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Brown House

New York.

Salammbo – A Story of Ancient Carthage.
Gustave Flaubert. Illustrated by Alexander King. Translation by J. S. Matthews. The Brown House. New York. 1930. In cardboard container. Ephemera in front cover.
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Carmel Press

Carmel-by-the-Sea. CA. It operated from 1936-1982. In the early years of the press, it produced periodicals such as the Carmel Cymbal, Maston's Gazette, and the Pacific Weekly.

Give Me the Stars.
Clara Maxwell Taft. Carmel Press. 1947
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Kenneth Carpenter

Reno, NV. Kenneth J. Carpenter worked on handpresses at University of California, Berkeley, where he worked in the Rare Book Department until 1962. He then moved to the University of Nevada, Reno. While an associate library director at UNR, in 1965 he purchased a Columbian press from Nottingham, England for $560. Carpenter then established the Black Rock Press at the university. The first book issued by the press was William Everson's Springing of the Blade. Carpenter retired in 1980 and died in 1999, but the Black Rock Press continues to publish.

The Year’s Declension.
Willaim Everson. Berkeley. 1961. Printed by Kenneth Carpenter on the Berkeley Albion. Limited to 100 copies
Q Horatius Flaccus, early editions in the Pauline Fore Moffitt Library.
University of California General Library. The Berkeley Albion Press. 1958. Compiled and printed by Kenneth J. Carpenter for members of the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco. 150 copies. Letter to Dr. McCune from Kenneth J. Carpenter dated Jan. 25, 1960, taped to back cover
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Carteret Book Club

Newwark, NJ. Formed in 1908. It was named in honor of Philip Carteret (first colonial governor of New Jersey). The club dissolved in 1957. Its mission was to bring together collectors and printers and others interested in fine printing

Modern Fine Printing in England and Mr. Bruce Rogers.(view PDF)
With a list of books and other pieces of printing designed by Mr. Rogers. Alfred W. Pollard. The Carteret Book Club. Newark, NJ. MCMXVI (1916). 275 copies
Newark A Series of Engravings on Wood.
By Rudolph Ruzicka. Carteret Book Club. Newark, NJ. 1917. Uncut. #93 of 200 copies. In cardboard case
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Chaucer Society

The Booke of the Duchesse.
Geoffrey Chaucer. Anvil Press. Lexington, KY. Victor Hammer laid the book out. Jacob Hammer set the type and did the presswork. MCMLIV (1954). #165 of 225. Chaucer Society. First Series. XXIV.
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Wm. M. Cheney

Los Angeles, CA. William Murray Cheney (1907-2002) was an author, a typesticker, and a printer for UCLA from 1962-1974. He is well known for his miniature books.

Argument for Inconciseness with Instances of the Disadvantages of Brevity.
Wm. M. Cheney. Los Angeles. 1954
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Chez Barbou

Paris, France. A French family of printers that started in Lyons in the 1500s and migrated to Paris by the 1800s.

Historie De Henri VII Roi D’Angleterre Surnomme Le Sage, & Le Salomon D’Angleterre.
Monsieur De Marsolier. Chez Barbou, Imprimeur-Libraire Rue Des Mathurins. Paris. MDCCLXV (1765).
Revolutions De Portugal.
Abbe De Vertot. Chez H. Barbou. 1805
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Circle Press

Guildfort, Surrey, England. Started by Ronald King in 1966

The Prologue to the Cantebury Tales.
Geoffry Chaucer. Lithographed by Ronald King. 2nd Edition. Circle Press Publications. 1978. Guildfort, Surrey, England. #56 of 250. Book in cardboard cover. Ephemera in front cover.
The Analects of Confucius.
Translated by Lionel Giles. Shanghai. 1933. Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club by the Commercial Press. #0348. Silk brocade cover. In wooden box.
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Clarendon Press

Oxford, England. This is Oxford University's distinctive scholarly press.

Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.
1623 Facsimile. Introduction by Sidney Lee. Oxford: at the Clarendon Press. MDCCCCII (1902). #1000 of 1000. Signed by Sidney Lee
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Co Tipi Bodoni

Parma, Italy.

Versi Di Francesco Cassoli Reggiano. Author: Cassoli Francesco.
Publisher: Co Tipi Bodoniani. Parma. MDCCCII (1802).
Scherzi Poetici Epittorici.
Giovanni Gherardo De Rossi. Parma. Co. Tipi Bodoniani. 1804
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Colt Press

San Francisco, CA. Started by Jane Grabhorn

Famous Recipes From Hawaii, China, Mexico.
This is a card board cover that contains three books of the Epicure Series. Colt Press.
a. The Epicure in Hawaii. 1938.
b. The Epicure in China. Eight Complete Chinese Epicurean Dinners. 1939.
c. The Epicure in Mexico. 1940
The Locality of the Broderick-Terry Duel.
Carroll Douglas Hall. Woodcuts by Mallette Dean. The Colt Press. San Francisco. MCMXXXIX (1939)
The Wife of Martin Guerre.
Janet Lewis. Decorations by Valenti Angelo. Colt Press. San Francisco. MCMXLI (1941). 300 copies
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Crosby Gaige

New York, NY. Started publishing by Crosby Gaige in 1927 of leading authors, including James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad and William Butler Yeats. Twenty-two titles were produced before the Wall Street Crash of 1929 wiped out the printing company. He later printed a few books under the Watch Hill Press in Westchester County, NY.

Ballads From the Hidden Way.
James Branch Cabell. Crosby Gaige. New York. 1928. # 233 of 832. Note: Signed by the author.
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Cuneo Press

Chicago, IL. Started by John F. Cuneo in 1919 when he took over the Henneberry bookmaking company and in 1923 he began the Cuneo Printing Company to manufacture Sears catalogs.

A Christmas Treasury.
Illustrations by Randolph Caldecott. The Cuneo Press. Chicago, IL. MCMXLIV (1944). Limited to 650 copies
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Phoenix, AZ. Started by Joseph J. D'Ambrosio in 1969. He sets his own type, as well as designing, illustrating and binding his books.

LX Commute: My Sentence.
Ann Whipple. D’Ambrosio. Phoenix, AZ. 1996. 250 copies
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Dalla Reale Tipografia

Parma, Italy.

Elogio Di Lodovico Scapinelli.
Pompilio Pozzetti. Parma. Dalla Reale Tipografia. 1801.
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Dalla Stamperia Reale

Parma, Italy.

Alle Altezze Reali Dell’ Infante Di Spagna D. Ferdinando I. Duca Di Parma, Piacenza, E Gustalia E Dell’ Arciduchessa D’Austria Malia Amalia.(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)(view photo)
Parma. Dalla Stamperia Reale. MDCCLXXII (1772). On the spine of the book is written : Elogio Dell” Abate Frugoni 1770.
Saggio Di Poesie Campestri Del Cavalier Pindemonte.
Dalla Reale Stamperia. Parma. 1788
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Oxford, England. Started by Dr. Charles Henry Olive Daniel (1836-1919), he purchased an Albion Press in 1882 while at Worcester College at Oxford. He printed more than 50 books between 1882 and 1903

The Muses Gardin for Delights.(view PDF)
Composed by Robert Jones. Edited with introduction by William Barclay Squire. Daniel. Oxford. 1901. #66 of 130.
Odes Sonnets & Lyrics of John Keats.
Memorial of the Hundredth Anniversary of the birth of Keats. Daniel. Oxford. 1895. #133 of 250.
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Dawson’s Book Shop (Muir Dawon)

Los Angles. CA. Started in 1905 by Ernest Dawson, it is the oldest bookstore in Los Angeles. In 1947, at the death of Ernest, his two sons Muir and Glen took over the shop. Muir's son Michael took over the business in 1995, Dawson's Book Shop has published 400 books. It issued the first catalogue of rare books in Los Angeles in 1907.

A Few Notes Concerning the Albion Hand Press.
Printed by Muir Dawson at the Antiquarian Book Fair, Los Angeles. Nov. 11-13, 1961. Personal note on slip of paper from the printer to Dr. McCune
The Plantin Press of Saul and Lillian Marks.
Tyrus G. Hamsen. Dawson’s Book Shop. Los Angeles. 1960. Signed by Saul and Lillian Marks.
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Dunster House

Cambridge, MA.

Two Poems (The Red Path and The Wounded Bird).(view photo)
John Freeman. Cambridge. Dunster House. 1921.
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Eilert Printing

New York, NY. Started by Ernest F. Eilert in 1913, it was a printing business until 1986. In 1949, it printed The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor for the Limited Editions Club.

Le Bon Docteur Franklin. The Toast of Paris.
Eilert Printing, Co. New York. 1970. This keepsake is the seventh book in the printing week library of Benjamin Franklin Keepsakes
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Eragny Press

London, England. Started by Lucien Pssarro in 1894, this press lasted until 1914, but only seventeen editions were issued. It is noted for its woodblock prints.

Areopagitica.(view photo)(view photo)
A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlinc’d Printing to the Parliament of England, Eragny Press, London. 1904. Designed by Lucien Pissarro. 160 copies. Inscribed to Felix Feneon from Lucien and Ester Pissarro
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Friends & Patrons of Schwabacher-Frey Stationary Co

Vallejo Being a Brief Sketch of Don Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.
Friends & Patrons of Schwabacher-Frey Stationary Co. MCMXXVII (1927). With ephemera
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Golden Eagle Press

Mount Vernon, NY. Founded by S.A. Jacobs in the twenties, it was most prolific from 1935- 1946

Some Copies of Verses Translated Paraphrastically Out of Anacreon.
Translated into English verse by Abraham Cowley. The Golden Eagle Press. Mount Vernon. 2000 copies on Ragston Collotype Parchment white vellum paper
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Grace Hopper Press

San Francisco, CA.

Another Common Place Book.
Sherwood and Katherine Grover. Grace Hopper Press. San Francisco. Dec. MCMLVI (1956). Limited to 75 copies printed
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Graveseni Press

Lexington, KY. Started by Joseph C. Graves in 1949, the last book issued under Graves was in 1958. However, after Graves' death in 1960, an additional book was issued by Bob Middleton in 1967 using the Gravesend Press.

Aucassin & Nicolette.
The Andrew Lang translation of the song-story of Aucassin & Nicolette. Kritz Kredel carved the music and woodcuts used in the edition. Graveseni Press. Lexington, KY. MCMLVII (1957). 200 copies. Jacob Hammer printed this edition on the handpress on dampened Hayle handmade paper. Book in cardboard jacket.
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Greenwood Press

San Francisco, CA.

Eric Gill: And Who Wants Peace?
Handset in Eric Gill’s Perpetua type on Tovil handmade paper by Jack Werner Stauffacher and Adrian Wilson with block cuts by Mary Fabilli at Greenwood Press of San Francisco, CA. July 1948. 100 printed.
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Gregynog Press

Wales. Started in 1922 by Gwendoline and Margaret Davies. It was a noted private press of the time. In 1978, it was re-established by the University of Wales under the name Gwasg Gregynog.

Poems by George Herbert.
The Gregynog Press. MCMXXIII (1923). Number 262.
Don Quixote An Introductory Essay in Psychology.
Salvador De Madariaga. Translated by Constance H. M. De Madariaga. The Gregynog Press. MCMXXXIV (1934). #226 of 250
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Grolier Club

New York, NY. The Grolier Club was started in 1884 by a group of book lovers with the object "the literary study and promotion of the arts pertaining to the production of books, including the occasional publication of books designed to illustrate, promote and encourage those arts..." (Grolier Club Constitution). It has been producing books since its first publication in 1884.

The Pierrot of the Minute.
Ernest Dowson. The Grolier Club. 1923. New York. Limited to 300 copies.
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Harvard University Press

Boston, MA. The Harvard University Press was started in 1913 under the direction of C.C. Lane. Since then it has had a number of directors and continues to publish today.

Bruce Rogers Designer of Books.
Frederick Warde. Harvard University Press. 1925. 210 copies. In cardboard case.
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Heyeck Press

Woodside, CA. Started by Robin Heyeck in 1976. All its limited edition books are printed with metal type printed on dampened handmade paper and bound in hand-marble paper or silk and signed and numbered by the author. As well as fine press work, it specializes in poetry.

Poems by Honor Johnson. Drawings by Wayne & Honor Johnson. Heyeck Press. Woodside, CA. 1990. #130 of 200. Signed by Honor & Wayne Johnson
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Houghton Mifflin

The Essays By Michael Lord of Montaigne.
Michael De Montaigne. Book 1. Houghton Mifflin. 1902. In cardboard case
The Essays By Michael Lord of Montaigne.
Michael De Montaigne. Book 2. Houghton Mifflin. 1902. In cardboard case.
The Essays By Michael Lord of Montaigne.
Michael De Montaigne. Book 3. Houghton Mifflin. 1902. In cardboard case.
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John Howell Books

San Francisco, CA. The antiquarian book shop was started in 1912 by John Howell, and continued operation under his son Warren Howeell until his death in1984. John Howell Books was a sponsor of fine printing in the San Francisco area, most notably the Western Americana series of 34 limited editions.

Through the Country of the Comanche Indians in the Fall of the Year 1845.
The Journal of a U.S. Army Expedition Led by Lt. James W. Abert. Edited by John Galvin. Published by John Howell – Books. MCMLXX (1970). 5000 copies printed
Western America in 1846-1847.
The Original Travel Diary of Lt. J. W. Abert. Edited by John Galvin. Published by John Howell Books. MCMLXVI (1966). 3000 copies printed. Note: Inside the front cover there is ephemera on the edition and a handwritten paper note dated 28 Oct 1966 by Dr. McCune.
The Laws of Burgos of 1512-1513.
Royal Ordinances for the Good Government and Treatment of the Indians. Translated by Lesley Byrd Simpson. Published by John Howell Books. MCMLX (1960). 750 copies. With ephemera
The San Saba Papers.
A Documentary Account of the Founding and Destruction of San Saba Mission. Edited by Lesley Byrd Simpson. John Howell Books. 1959
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L-D Allen Press

Florence, CA. Started by Lewis and Dorothy Allen. They worked under this name from 1946-53 using an 1830 Acorn-Smith handpress. Dorothy Allen would handbind the books.

Essays of Montaigne.
Selected, edited and newly done into English by Francis Carmody. The L-D Allen Press. MCMXLVIII (1948). Decorations by Mallette Dean. 200 copies. With ephemera.
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Lion and Unicorn Press

London, England. Started by the Royal College of Arts, London. It is a bibliographical press.

The Birds.
Aristophanes. An English Version by Dudley Fitts. Lion and Unicorn Press 1971. Copy # 298.
The Letters of Thomas Gainsborough.
Edited by Mary Woodall. The Lion and Unicorn Press. London. 1961.
English Merchants’ Marks.
A Field Survey of Marks Made by Merchants and Tradesmen in England Between 1400 and 1700. F. A. Girling. Lion and Unicorn Press. London. 1962
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Lawton R. Kennedy

San Francisco, CA. Lawton R. Kennedy (1900-1980) printed books between 1934 to 1972), oten with his brother Alfred. They both worked as pressmen for John Henry Nash. Lawton Kennedy, the "blasphemerous clampastor and clampublisher, roving printer and night-watchman" was a member of E. Clampus Vitus, a fraternal order devoted to the preservation of western U.S. history. He is noted for printing books on the western states.

Jedediah Smith and his Maps of the American West.
Dale L. Morgan and Carl I. Wheat. California Historical Society. San Francisco. MCMLIX (1954). Printed by Lawton R. Kennedy. 530 copies.
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Linden Editions

San Francisco, CA

Con Amore Valenti Angelo: A Biography 1971-1982.
James Linden, Editor. Linden Editions. San Francisco. 1992. 100 copies
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Merry Mount Press

Boston, MA. Started by Daniel Berkely Updike in 1893. it developed its own font types. Its most elegant work is considered to be the Book of Common Prayer it produced in 1930. The press finally closed in 1941.

Erasmus Against the War with an Introduction by J.W. MacKail.(view photo)
The Merry Mount Press. Boston. MDCCCCVII. (1907). D.B. Updike – Printer. Book in cardboard cover.
The Defence of Poesie; A Letter to Q. Elizabeth; A Defence of Leicester.
Philip Sidney. Edited by G.E. Woodberry. Merrymount Press. Boston. MDCCCCVIII (1908). In cardboard box. 303 copies.
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Museum Press

New York.

The Third Idyll of Theocritus.
Translated from Greek by Andrew Lang. Museum Press. New York. MCMXXVIII (1928). Bruce Rogers. 375 copies
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Nova Press

Piedmont, CA, then Oakland, CA. Started by William P. Barlow, Jr.

A Playlet for Water Skiers [In One Actlet].
Number 2 of a series written by Wm. P. Barlow, Jr. The Nova Press. Oakland, CA 1964. Note: Carbon of letter from Dr. McCune in front cover.
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October House

New Fairfield, CT. Started in 1948 by Bruce Rogers, this was the name of his studio.

The Happy Hypocrite – A Fairy Tale for Tired Men.
Max Beerbohm. Bruce Rogers / October House. New Fairfield. 1955. Ephemera in front cover. In cardboard jacket
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Oxford University Press

Oxford, England. Started by Oxford University, it has published books since the late 1400s.

The Historie of Twelve Caesars.
C. Suetonius Tranquillus. Translated by Philemon Holland. Haslewood Books. Oxford University Press. 1931. #13 of 400
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Pageant Books

Patterson, NJ. It has been publishing books since 1938.

Prospectus for the Gutenberg Bible.
Containing a facsimile page of the Gutenberg Bible. Pageant Books, Inc. Patterson, NJ 1960.
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Thomas W. Patterson

Pittsburgh, PA. Master book binder, Thomas Patterson worked for the Hunt Botanical Library.

The Legend of Saint Anastasius.
Translated by Theodore W. Koch. Printed on handpress by Thomas W. Patterson. 1964
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Peter Pauper Press

Mount Vernon, NY. Started by Peter Beilenson in 1928, it is known for its miniature books. It continues publishing today.

The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
Translated by E.B. Pusey, D.D. Illustrated by Valenti Angelo. Peter Pauper Press. Mount Vernon
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Prickly Pair Editions

Prickly Pair Editions. 1998. 45 copies. With ephemera
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Privately Printed

The Tower That Sat Down on Itself.
Wesley S. Griswold. Los Angeles: Privately Printed: 1989.
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Pynson Printers

New York, NY. Started by Elmer Adler in 1922. It was named for the 16th century printer, Richard Pynson. He printed The Colophon, A Book Collector's Quarterly from 1930-40.

The City Looking Glass, A Philadelphia Comedy, in Five Acts.
Robert Montgomery Bird. Edited by Arthur Hobson Quinn. Printed for the Colophon in New York. MCMXXXIII (1933). Pynson Printers, Inc.
Journal Up the Straits October 11, 1856 – May 5, 1857.
Herman Melville. Edited with an introduction by Raymond Weaver. The Colophon. New York. 1935. Pynson Printers. Plans by Bruce Rogers. Inscribed to Donovan McCune by Elmer Adler
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Random House

New York, NY. Started in 1928 by Bennett Cerf (1898-1971) and Donald Klopfer with Elmer Adler as typographical advisor. Cerf claimed it obtained its name when they decided they would publish a few books on the side at random. Its first book was Voltaire's Candide. In 1933, Random House won a major censorship case when it fought the government's obscenity seizure of James Joyce's Ulysses in the U.S.A.

Euclid. Elements of Geometry.
Book One. Introduced by Paul Valery. Random House. NY. 1944. Limited to 500 copies. Book in cardboard cover
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Shakespeare Head Press

Straford-on-Avon, then moved to Oxford, England. Started by Arthus Henry (A. H.) Bullen, an Elizabethan scholar, in 1904. Frank Sidgwick was brought in as junior partner and stayed until 1907. At Bullen's death in 1920, the press was taken over by Benjamin H. Blackwell of Oxford. After Benjamin's death in 1924, Basil Blackwell moved the press to that Oxford in 1929. It continued to publish until 1942 (although in 1975, Basil Blackwell for the Shakespeare Head Press issued a limited edition of 1000 copies of Frank Sidgwick's diary).

Philo Biblon.
Richard De Bury. Translation by E.C. Thomas. Edited by Michael Maclagan. Shakespeare Head Press. Oxford. 1960
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Signet Press

Greenock, Scotland. Started by Thomas Rae in 1956, its first publication was booklet on Thomas Bewick, Wood Engraver.

Robert Burns A Memoir.
Maria Riddell. The Signet Press. Greenock, Scotland. MCMLXVI (1966). Bound by Thomas Rae and signed by Thomas Rae. #42 of 100. In cardboard case
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Portland, ME. It was started by Reverend Francis Southworth in 1875 under the name Southworth Press. Fred Anthoensen {1882-1969) joinded in 1901, becoming the managing director in 1917, and finally becoming a partner in 1934. At that point, the company was renamed the Southworth-Anthoensen press and finally in 1944, it became the Anthoensen press. The press finally closed in 1987.

Three Letters From BR-EW.
The Southworth-Anthoensen Press. Portland, ME. 1941. 350 copies
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Stamperia Del Santuccio

Florence, Italy, then Lexington, KY. Started by Victor Hammer in 1929 in Florence, the name means Press of St. Santuccio. When he finally moved to Transylvania College in 1948, he restarted his press. He designed his own typeface.

Fable of the Hawk and the Nightingale.
Translated from Hersiod’s Works And Days (lines 202-212) by Robert Graves. Stamperia Del Santuccio. Lextington, KY. Broadside #1. MCMLIX (1959). #53 of 100 copies.
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Tamalpais Press

Berkeley, CA. Started in 1953 by Roger Levenson.

Two Chaucer Leaves.
A leaf from the undated edition (ca. 1551) and a leaf from the 1561 edition. Duncan H. Olmsted incorporated the leaves into a keepsake, of which 88 copies of the keepsake were printed by Duncan Olmsted and roger Levenson. Tamalpais Press. Berkeley. Dec. 1965. Presented to members of the Roxburge Club of San Francisco
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Thistle Press

New Fairfield, CT. Started by Bert Clarke and David Way in 1950. Bruce Rogers was associated with the press.

The Life of St. George - Printed From the Golden Legend of William Caxton.
Bruce Rogers. New Fairfield, CT. 1957. Printed at the Thistle Press. 300 copie
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Berkeley, CA. He printed small volumes yearly at Christmas between 1948 and 1977.

Christmas as a Reflection of American Culture.
Alan Dundes. Privately printed by A.R. Tommasini. 1970. #154 of 900.
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Trovillion Private Press

Herrin, IL. Started in 1908 by Hal and Violet Trovillion. This press continued until 1958 and dealt with reprinting publications from the 1400 -1500.

Visitation at Thatchcot.
Harry R. Burke and F. A. Behymer. Trovillion Private Press. Herrin, IL 1944.
Lincoln and Ann Rutledge and the Pioneers of New Salem.
A lecture by William H. Herndon. Introduction by Harry Rosecrans Blake. Trovillion Private Press. Herrin, IL. 1945
First Garden Book.
Being a Faithful Reprint of a Most Briefe and Pleasant Treatyse. Thomas Hill, Londyner 1563. 3rd reprint. Collated and edited by Violet and Hal W. Trovillion. Trovillion Private Press. Herrin, IL 1946. #947 of 987. Signed by Violet Trovillion
In Country Places.
Gilbert Rae. Trovillion Private Press. Herrin, IL. #61 of 111. Signed by Violet and H. Trovillion
Books and Gardens.
Alexander Smith. Introduction by Hal W. Trovillion. Trovillion Private Press. Herrin, IL. 1946. #239 of 807. Signed by Violet and H. Trovillion
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W. Thomas Taylor

Austin, TX. W. Thomas Taylor started printing in 1981. He is an antiquarian book dealer, author, and printer.

Bruce Rogers.
A Life in Letters 1870-1957. Joseph Blumanthal. W. Thomas Taylor. Austin. 1989.
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Lila Wahrhaftig

My Alphabet Book.
A Personal Journey Through Twenty-Six Letters. Lila Wahrhaftig. 1993. #33 of 250. Signed by Lila Wahrhaftig. With ephemera
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Ward Ritchie Press

Los Angeles, CA. Started by Ward Ritchie (1905-1996), it operated between 1932-1974. In 1957, once of Ward Ritchie's publication (Books: West Southwest; Essays on Writers, Their Books, and Their Land) was chosen by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as one of their "Fifty Books of the Year." Ward Ritchie also printed with Anderson, Ritchie & Simon.

Manuscripts of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Their History, With a Description of the Manuscript in Facsimile. The Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana. Los Angeles, CA. MCMXLVIII (1948). Printed at the Ward Ritchie Press
A Pre-Raphaelite Aeneid of Virgil in the Collection of Mrs. Edward Laurence Doheny of Los Angeles being an Essay in Honor of the William Morris Centenary 1934 by Anna Cox Brinton of Mills College.
Printed by Ward Ritchie. Los Angeles. March 1934. No number in the book. 150 copies made. In cardboard jacket.
Booksellers of Early San Francisco.
Robert Ernest Cowan. 1953. Ward Ritchie Press. Los Angeles. Limited to 350 copies
Ugly Duckling.
George Smedley Smith and Bernard Szold. Ward Ritchie Press. Los Angeles. 1947. #291 of 1000
The Ward Ritchie Press and Anderson, Ritchie & Simon.
1961. #166 of 1000. Signed by Ward Ritchie. With ephemera
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William Edwin Rudge

Mount Vernon, NY. This print house was inherited from his father by William Edwin Rudge (1876-1931). He was an expert printer and typographer who started working at the plant at the age of 13.

A Facsimile Page of the Gutenberg Bible.
Privately printed for the Friends of William E. Rudge’s Sons. Christmas 1936
The Making of an Immortal.
A Play in One Act. George Moore. New York: The Bowling Green Press. Faber & Gwyer, Ltd. MCMXXVII (1927). Printing house of William Edwin Rudge. Mount Vernon, NY. #89 of 1240 copies
The Glory of New York.
Joseph Pennell. Introduction by Elizabeth Robins Pennell. William Edwin Rudge. NY. MCMXXVI (1926). Arranged by Bruce Rogers. Signed by Elizabeth Robins Pennell. #96 of 355 copies
XXVIII Sonnets.
By Mrs. William Lowell Putnam. William Edwin Rudge. New York. 1925. Typography by Bruce Rogers. 250 copies
Skallagrim (Grim the Bald).
An Operetta in Three Acts. By Richard West Saunders. Privately printed 1925. Printing House of William Edwin Rudge. Typography by Bruce Rogers. #449 of 500 copies.
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