The Practice of Typography 1902

The Practice of Typography; A Treatise on the Processes of Type-Making, the Point System, the Names, Sizes, Styles and Prices of Plain Printing Types
Theodore Low De Vinne
The Century Co.
Place of Printing:
New York
Date of Printing:

Author and Commentators

Theodore Low De Vinne (1828-1914). American printer, publisher, and type historian. One of the founders of the Grolier Club.

The Book

2nd Edition. 403 pages. Illustrated. This book was based on a summary of notes collected by De Vinne starting in 1860. It covers the process of making printing type and discusses the historic types used over the centuries.


  • Preface. Page 5.
  • Chapter I. The Processes of Type-making. Page 9.
  • Chapter II. The Names of eh Leading Sizes of Types. Page 53.
  • Chapter III. The Point System. Page 123.
  • Chapter IV. A Font of Type. Page 165.
  • Chapter V. Faces or Styles of Type: Old Style Roman. Page 182.
  • Chapter VI. Modern Faces of Roman Letter. Page 209.
  • Chapter VII. Condensed Roman Types. Page 255.
  • Chapter VIII. Italic Types. Page 269.
  • Chapter IX. Fat-face or Title-types. Page 281.
  • Chapter X. Black-letter. Page 291.
  • Chapter XI. Gothic. Page 315.
  • Chapter XII. Antique Types, Runic, Celtic, and Italian. Page 323.
  • Chapter XIII. The Classes and Prices of Printing-types. Page 336.
  • Chapter XIV. Large Types. Wood Types. The Pantograph.
  • Benton’s Punch Cutting Machine. Page 345.
  • Chapter XV. Recent Quaint Styles of Plain Type. Page 359.
  • Index. Page 381.


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