John Henry Nash

San Francisco, CA. John Henry Nash (1871-1947) worked as printer and designer for Tomoye Press from 1903 to 1911. In 1916, he started his own printing company, which stayed in business until 1938. He then taught typography at the University of Oregon for a few years. He is known for his fine printing.

From the Tatler Thursday, February 9, 1709, An Essay by Joseph Addison, the Trial of the Wine Brewers.
Introduction by Edward F. O’Day. Printed by John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1930. #234 of 385.
A Journey to California with Observations about the Country, Climate and the Route to this Country by John Bidwell.
Introduction by Herbert Ingram Priestley. John Henry Nash - Printer. San Francisco. 1937.
The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi by Saint Bonaventura.
Translated by Miss E. Gurney Safter. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. MCMXXXI (1931). #230 of 385.
Exposition Addressed to the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union by Senor Don Carlos Antonio Carrillo, Deputy for Alta California.
Translated by Herbert Ingram Priestley. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1938. 650 copies.
The Annals of Trinity County.
Isaac Cox. Introduction by Owen C. Cox. Printed for Harold C. Holmes by John Henry Nash of the University of Oregon. Eugene, OR. 1940. Inscribed to Donovan J. McCune from Harold C. Holmes. 350 copies. In cardboard case.
This Book Announces the Publication in Four Folio Volumes of the Comedy of Dante Alighieri.
Printed by John Henry Nash. MCMXXXIX (1939).
Barney McGee.
Richard Hovey. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1917. 250 copies.
Ecclesiastes or the Preacher.
John Henry Nash. San Francisco. MDCCCCVV (1910). #64 of 300.
Nicolas Jenson, Printer of Venice: His Famous Type Designs.
John Henry Nash. MDCCCXXVI.
Codben-Sanderson and the Doves Press. The History of the Press.
Alfred W. Pollard. John Henry Nash. MDCCCXXIX.
Cornelius Cole California Pioneer and United States Senator.
Catherine Coffin Phillips. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1929. In cardboard case.
Portsmouth Plaza the Cradle of San Francisco.
Catherine Coffin Phillips. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1932. In cardboard case.
The Locality of the Broderick-Terry Duel on September 13, 1859.
Hermann Schussler. Printed for the Historic Landmarks Committee of the Native Sons of the Golden West. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1916.
[Prospectus] Cobden-Sanderson and the Doves press
May Elizabeth Southworth. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. MDCCCXXIX (1929)
A Certain Young Man of Assissi.
May. E. Southworth. Illustrations by Will Wilke. John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1934. #271 of 650. In cardboard case.
Ephemera: [Publisher’s Announcement] Old San Francisco by Michael Williams
Old San Francisco by Michael Williams. Hill Tolerton. San Francisco. 1916. Drawings of the city and pages i-iv, 15&16. John Henry Nash.
In Memoriam: Laurence Soule Lynch.
First Lieutenant “G” Company. Died Oct. 8, 1918. Printer John Henry Nash. San Francisco. 1919.
Miscellaneous File:
Photo of J.H. Nash; newspaper articles; a Morris Keepsake; John Henry Nash by Gregor Duncan (a cartoon).
“He is the Type” Newspaper cartoon drawing by Gregor Duncan along with newspaper article written by Duncan entitled “Nash, S.F. Type Artist, Best in the World.”
Photo of John Henry Nash standing examining a book. (Herrington-Olson, Oakland, CA)
San Francisco Examiner article May 25, 1947 entitled “ John Henry Nash, Most Noted of Printers, Dies.”
4 page article entitled “John Henry Nash, Printer” by Harold D. Carew dated July 1929.
A Morris Keepsake. This was sent out by the Zellerback Paper Company to the friends and patrons of their house. The portrait of Morris was by Henry Raschen; the text by Edward F. O’Day; printed by John Henry Nash in November 1927.
Letter dated July 27, 1959 from Elmer Adler to Donovan J. McCune, M.D., basically accepting him as a member into Amigos de Calle Del Cristo 255, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
San Francisco Sunday Chronicle July 26, 1959 article “Ginsberg ‘Howls’ Again on the S.F. Poetry Controversy.”
Laudes Virgilianae Auctore.
Henrico Woods E. Soc. Jesu. John Henry Nash. MCMXXX.
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